Welcome to the Dorset Water Lily Company 

We are a leading exponent of water gardening in the UK. We cover all aspects of water gardening, formal and informal ponds, and the creation and renovation of sites ranging from small ponds, natural swimming pools and large formal ponds to ‘wildlife’ lakes. Our top quality water plants are recognised by Horticulturists and gardeners alike as the best in the UK.  The majority of our plants are British-raised and grown from infancy to maturity at our Nursery. Our hardy and tropical water lily stock is well supported by a wide range of water marginal plants, moisture-loving herbaceous and bogside plants.      

We supply the retail market, as well as wholesale; come visit us. Our opening hours are: 

March to September, Mondays to Fridays inclusive  09.30 - 16.00 

October to February, Mondays to Fridays inclusive 09:30 - 15:30

We advise that you phone a day or two prior to visiting so that we can ensure that we have staff available to assist with any queries you may have and to collect and prepare any plants you may wish to purchase.

If you are unable to visit then a home delivery service may be available which we will endeavour to dove-tail into our normal delivery runs in the UK as and when logistics permit.